Biology Courses Overview

What We Want You to Learn in All of Your Biology Classes

Process of Science: Engage in the process of science by practicing observation, generating hypotheses, designing testable experiments and manipulating data.

Quantitative Reasoning: Manipulate numerical data and evaluate the significance of the data using appropriate mathematical and/or statistical methods.

Critical Thinking: Use logical reasoning to apply known concepts to novel situations and to identify and evaluate source materials and scholarly literature.

Independent Learning: Demonstrate personal responsibility to set goals and regularly engage in self-assessment of progress towards academic accomplishment.

Exchange of Ideas: Collaborate, discuss, and exchange ideas in a team setting in order to explore creative solutions to complex problems.

Biology and Society: Apply biological concepts to daily life and issues in society.



Dr. Janice Fischer, Director       Biology Instructional Office  
Dr. David Cannatella, Department Chair Integrative Biology
Dr. Tim Keitt, Associate Chair of Undergraduate Education Integrative Biology
Dr. Jeff Gross, Department Chair Molecular Biosciences
Dr. Scott Stevens, Associate Chair of Undergraduate Education Molecular Biosciences
Dr. Robert Messing, Department Chair Neuroscience
Dr. John Mihic, Associate Chair of Undergraduate Education Neuroscience
Dr. Edward Buskey, Department Chair Marine Science
Associate Chair of Undergraduate Education Pending Marine Science