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 There are 4 options for ordering class & office materials:

  1. Submit a Purchase Order to Angela Kizzee via Request System and assign to kizzeeaj. Instuctions to complete Request order can be found here.
  2. Create a shopping cart and assign it to Angela Kizzee via UT Market
  3. Purchase online or in person with your official procurement card
  4. Purchase online or in person with your personal credit card  for entertainment purchase and submit the following to Angela Kizzee for reimbursement within 30 days:

NOTE: Per UT Purchasing Policy, all departmental purchases should be processed by our purchaser, Angela Kizzee.  If a purchase cannot be done thought BIOPO, UTMarket or Angela's procard, please contact her prior to purchasing.  Purchases for the university made by faculty, staff, and students using personal funds are not authorized and will only be reimbursed as an exception.

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