BIO TA Awards

Group photo of TAs in front of Texas backdrop.

Congratulations to Our 2022-2023 Teaching Assistant Award Winners! 

On Wednesday, April 26th, 2023 the Biology Instructional Office announced the winners of the 22-22 BIO Outstanding Teaching Assistant award. Out of over 350 TA positions appointed during the past year, we had 14 TAs and 15 UGCAs nominated for this honor, but could choose only 8 to win the award. The list below includes all of the nominees. Winners are indicated by *.

We would like to thank these TAs & UGCAs, both the award winners and those nominated, for being outstanding teaching assistants. TAs are an integral part of the teaching experience and you have gone above and beyond what has been asked of you. Thank you!



2023 TA Award Nominees

Winners indicated by *

TA/Specialist NAME



Maddie Brightbill Inder Saxena BIO 325
Elena Leander* Ann Thijs BIO 373
Esteban Cantu Anita Latham BIO 311C
Yao Cheng* Katie Bruner BIO 325L
Jiawei (Will) Han Hans Hofmann BIO 361T
Allyson Mangum Marty Maas BIO 206L
Katherine Ray Adrian Keatinge-Clay BCH 339J/CH 371
Soroosh Sadeh David Cannatella, William Babler BIO 446L
Viviana June Inder Saxena BIO 325
Ana Santiago* Cynthia LaBrake BCH 369
Remzi Satiroglu* Jan Machart BIO 165U
Sunishka Thakur Inder Saxena BIO 325
Tianyu Wang Ian Cheng BIO 365S
Jonathan Wing Goheun Kim BIO 325
Hassan Uz-Zaman Howard Ochman BIO 327G




Shyon Ahmadi Ian Cheng BIO 365S
Ava Baechle Ann Thijs BIO 311D
Carter Burns Ann Thijs BIO 311D
Stephen Chen Pratibha Saxena BIO 326M
Gabriela De La O Ann Thijs BIO 311D
Eleanor Dowell* Scott Stevens BIO 344
Ashley Humphries* Kristin Patterson BIO 372C
Tammy Huynh* Jonathan Partridge BIO 311C/D, BIO 326R
Esther Ko Ann Thijs BIO 311D
Sanika Jossy Goheun Kim BIO 325
Zoe Martinez* Ruth Buskirk BIO 311C/D
Meagan Medina Marty Maas BIO 206L
Kelsi Rote Ann Thijs BIO 311D
Simran Shah Pratibha Saxena BIO 326M
Hannah Shreiner Ann Thijs  BIO 311D
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